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About Anam Cara

Welcome to the Anam Cara Whisky Company site. If you are a whisky lover, you are in the right place. Anam Cara Whisky Company is the independent bottler that markets excellent whiskies. We also provide nosing & tastings and offer the whisky lover a wealth of information on our site.

Anam Cara is the gaelic word for special  friend  or soulmate. Walk into any liquor store or check the internet and you'll see a huge and diverse range of whiskies. By letting you taste a varied range of whiskies during tastings, Anam Cara offers you the opportunity to discover that whisky that can become your best friend or soulmate. 

My name is Goos de Vries. I have been a passionate whisky fan for many years. It started with drinking a whisky every now and then and enjoying the smell and taste. After being invited by Johny Walker for a nosing & tasting and putting together my own blend, the enthusiasm only grew more. Together with my friend Hans Scheurwater we started organizing nosing & tastings ourselves. The passion for whisky increased and we decided to visit distilleries in Scotland. This turned out to be the way to learn more about the distilling and maturing of the whisky. Together we visited more than 60 distilleries. We have also been able to provide various nosing & tastings. Unfortunately, Hans passed away in 2015. Far too early and without the chance to realize the many more plans we had in the field of whisky. The name Anam Cara is therefore also a tribute to our friendship that was characterized by our shared passion for whisky.



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