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Two casks of Anam Cara are maturing in Scotland.

1. Dalmunach

Distilled in 2016 and now maturing for 6 years. The distillery is in Carron on the old site of the Imperial distillery. The official opening took place in June 2015, but the distillery had been running since September 2014. The distillery has 4 wash stills and 4 spirit stills. Also, no less than 16 washbacks. The capacity is 10 million liters per year. The stills were built by Forsyths modelled on Imperial's. Dalmunach's stills, however, are a little bigger. You do not come across this whisky much as a single malt. The whisky largely goes to the blends to generate revenue at the start-up of this distillery. Dalmunach is a characterful whisky; full body and slightly smoky and has the characteristics of the Speyside whisky; accessible, fruity and sweetiness in the aftertaste.

2. Lingdarroch

This is new make spirit maturing on a bourbon barrel. It is two years old now so officially no whisky yet. Lingdarroch is a Lowland whisky. The whisky is unpeated and is known as a gentle and accessible whisky.

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