Glen Grant distillery

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News 10 January 2021

Glen Grant distillery

Glen Grant is best known for producing young whiskies. The 5-year-old is the best-selling whisky in Italy. The master distiller and ultimately responsible for the production is Dennis Malcolm, who started as an intern at Glen Grant about sixty years ago. The distillery has its own bottling plant. In recent years, the demand for Glen Grant has declined sharply. This has led to a change in policy. Older whiskies such as 10, 12 and 18-year-old Glen Grant were put on the market. Reason to visit Glen Grant again in October 2019. At Glen Grant it was indicated that they hope to regain ground with the older whiskies. And that might well be because the whiskies we tasted, the 10, 12 and 18 year old, were excellent!

Glen Grant used to have a second distillery across the street, Glen Grant no 2. Both distilleries were connected by a pipeline. At the beginning of 1900, this second distillery was closed. In 1965, however, it was reopened under the name Caperdonich. This distillery was closed in 2002. The distillery was demolished and now Forsyths has started work there. They are well known for producing copper stills for the whisky industry.

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