Masterclass nosing & tasting.

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Nosing & Tastings Exclusive

Masterclass nosing & tasting.

Masterclass nosing  &  tasting


Six very exclusive Scottish single malts, each with an appealing story, will be tasted.

Exclusive in taste, smell, age and availability. A delight for the experienced whisky drinker

who will instantly recognize the quality of these fantastic whiskies.

A nosing & tasting long, enjoy delicious single malt with a lot of attention to the distillation and

maturation process.

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You can request a quotation without any obligation via

Please state the number of participants, prices of the nosing & tastings depend on the number of participants.

If you want a nosing & tasting other than offered on our site that is also possible. In consultation with you we will create a tailor made nosing & tasting. Ask for the possibilities via

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Masterclass nosing & tasting.

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